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Amelia Koper Heinzelman
Dancer, performer

Originally from the Midwest, Amelia lives in Brooklyn where she is a freelance dancer, performer, teacher, maker and administrator. She graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, focusing Contemporary Dance and a Stott Pilates Mat certification. Her creative work has been presented in Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. She works primarily with improvisation in performance; a form she feels most purely reveals the human experience. She collaborates often with long time friend Leah Fournier under their company name, Middle Space Dance. 

She teaches pilates, bartends, reads as much as she can, and likes to go swimming. She likes plants, animals, and children, but doesn't know how to take care of any of them. ​

Through a rigorous movement practice I have continued to find myself defining meaning in the world around me. I dance because the form facilitates an out of body freedom; this is the impulse I act on and my souvenir of the beauty of living. Through my creative work and teaching practice I aim to facilitate similar experiences for audiences, participants, and observers alike. My work is experiential, what I share is experiential. 

I work primarily with improvisation in performance because the form most purely reveals the human experience. The work disappears immediately and is unique to each precise moment in time. I am interested in working in environments that reflect time and space, work that cannot be contained.

My creative process is the culmination of years of experience as a mover and performer. My body carries the knowledge and histories of hundreds of teachers and experiences that have come before me. My training in combination with my human experiences has sculpted my work as a mover, discovering a lifelong interest in all that is human, authentic, rooted, and real. My interest in creating work is to bring these lived experiences into a practice that can be experienced and shared.

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