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APPLY: ChaNorth International Writers & Artists-in-Residence Program - 2024 Residency Season DEADLINE: January 15th, 2024.
The artist-in-residence program for the summer season will begin in May 2024.
As part of the second stage selection process, we will ask about ty, preferred time, and studio needs during the phone interview.


Selected artists will be announced in Spring 2024. 

Jury Panelists will be announced soon.

ChaNorth (Chashama North) accepts applications in all creative fields, including but not limited to visual arts, choreography, writing, music composition, and performance. National and international artists, emerging and mid-career artists are welcome to apply.

For international artists, we can provide letters of support, but each artist is responsible for arranging their own visa. Artists enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs at the time of application are not eligible to apply to ChaNorth.

With the mission to support artistic dialogue, ChaNorth provides emerging and mid-career artists an environment that fosters cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, perspectives and expertise. Each month-long session has 5 to 7 artists, which ChaNorth curates with the aim of creating small, dynamic, diverse, interactive groups. ChaNorth is a Self-Directed Residency. The residency program offers space, time, and inspiration to make new work at the same time promote interest, awareness and understanding of visual arts in a rural community through engagement with the artists.

The application process is in two stages: The Jury Panel will shortlist artists, shortlisted artists will be asked for a 10 -15 minute Skype/phone interview to be scheduled from February 2021. Artists are selected based on quality and commitment to their work, their project description, and their ability to interact positively with the community. 

Application Fee: Application Fee: $30 Application fee is to help cover administrative costs.

A few years ago we had to introduce the application fee due to high number of applications, the two stage selection process, involving a jury panel and conducting 60 phone/skype interviews. Thank You for your understanding.


ChaNorth is a Self-Directed Residency. The residency program offers space, time, and inspiration to make new work. 


Cost of Residency, four-week session: $1200 It is a highly subsidized fee, The actual cost of each residency is $5,000 per month. Thanks to the generous support of donors and grants, the artist’s contribution for an individual residency is $ 1200 per month per person. Our Young Artist Fellowship awards a no-fee one-month residency to one resident each summer.


Residency fee includes:

  • private room

  • private studio

  • fully stocked kitchen


The fee does not include:

  • transportation costs to and from chaNorth

  • artists' materials cost

Fellowship and Exhibition Opportunities

ChaNorth offers

  • one fellowship award, per season, for a young artist under 30;

  • a solo show award

  • an annual curated alumni show.

Both, the solo show and the group show are presented, the following year, at Chashama exhibition spaces in New York City.

ChaNorth fosters a strong alumni community, offering artists various exhibition opportunities including 2019 LIGHT YEAR, Manhattan Bridge Public Art, video exhibition.

Guest Visitors Program

During the ChaNorth residency, artists have multiple opportunities to share their work and network with others, including 2-3 studio visits per session from critics, curators, gallerists, and residency directors. Previous studio visitors have included:

  • Jack Geary, Owner and Founder, and Dolly Bross Geary, Owner and Director - Geary Gallery

  • Hayley Ferber, independent curator, educator and artist

  • Rachel Owens, Associate Professor of Art & Design and Chair of the Sculpture Department at SUNY Purchase College

  • Taraka Larson, musician, artist and poet


Community Engagement

Artists are invited to participate in an evening of artists' talks and presentations, at the Pine Plains Free Library and participate in the Open Studios program. Both events are open to the public.​


Resident Artists can apply to exhibit their work at the Pine Plains Library

McEnroe Organic Farm Work Exchange

Fostering community engagement and strengthening and supporting our local community, ChaNorth collaborates with McEnroe Organic Farm’s Education Garden where resident artists are asked to participate in 3 hours of work exchange each week.


In return, our shared kitchen is stocked with fresh produce and whole grains. Shared meals act as the anchor of the program, resident artists gather once or twice a week for a potluck dinner.

ChaNorth Alumni Quotes

'My time at ChaNorth was a wonderful experience that was a combination of a lovely resident community, intensive studio time, so much healthy food, great studio and living space, breathtaking surroundings. These all in all combined really fostered incredible creative energies and relationships between my fellow residency artists and I, the staff and the members of the Pine Plains community. ChaNorth really exceeded my expectations and I am very grateful to the program for the time, space and support. I look forward to seeing how my art practice will be transformed by this residency experience.'

Katrina Bello, Visual Artist in her ChaNorth Studio (2019)



'My time at ChaNorth was reflective and comprehensive, giving me the freedom of space (breathing space, dance making space, thinking space) and the luxury of time. The four weeks spent at Pine Plains felt perfectly balanced as I was supported by the community of the fellow AIRs at biweekly dinner parties and trips to the local farm, while also allotted enough alone time to focus on the work that most often gets pushed to the side; creative work. 

The residency culminated in the development of so many cherished friendships with other NYC based artists of diverse mediums. These friendships have developed into collaborative relationships and served as creative resources beyond the short amount of time at ChaNorth.'


Amelia Koper Heintzelman, Dance Artist, Performer   (2017)


Performance, Just Being Polite, chaNorth Group Show, One Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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