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dana davenport
multidisciplinary artist

Dana Davenport is a Korean and Black American multidisciplinary artist primarily working in sculpture and performance, based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work incorporates themes related to the body, ethnicity, and their interwoven relationship to social mores and institutional structures. Davenport addresses the complexity of interminority racism while crediting whiteness as the beneficiary of these conflicts.

Davenport seeks to create a visual language around Black and Asian futurity and accountability. Recurrently people of
color speak about themselves in relation to whiteness which is seen as the default prototype of experience. How can the Korean community acknowledge the influence of white supremacy, while taking ownership of their participation in furthering anti-Black ideals? Davenport’s work unapologetically calls out these discrepancies and questions privilege amongst minorities and their depiction within society.

Davenport holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in London, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, New York City, and throughout the United States. Davenport has completed the SOHO20 Gallery artist residency program (2017) and is a recipient of the SVA Chairman's Merit Award Scholarship (2011-2015) and Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Photography (2015).

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