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Kelly C. Knapp
multimedia visual artist and designer 

Kelly Knapp is a multimedia visual artist & designer living and working in both New York, NY & Providence, RI. She was raised with a dance and music background, both of which influence her work today through the choreography & composition of light and form. Her work explores perception, consciousness, reality, the immaterial & the temporal, drawing on phenomenological & metaphysical theories. Much of her work responds to site, having been trained as both a sculptor and a landscape architect. Her process mimics that of an architect through writing, mapping, diagramming, modeling, testing and building. 

Knapp received her Masters of Landscape Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI in 2010 and her BA in Sculpture from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR in 2002. Her fine art has been shown nationally and internationally. Her art and design work has spanned work in film and television, experience design, art fairs and the built environment. She has been generously supported by the Rhode Island Council for the Arts, the AIA, the Robert Reed Foundation and the Affordable Art Fair.

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