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Meredith Drum
Moving Image and hybrid form

Meredith Drum is an experimental cinema-maker. In addition to her solo moving-image work, she collaborates with dancers, musicians, architects, writers, designers, computer programmers, scientists and other visual artists on location-based public projects, movement research, and books. As she employs electronic media, she turns a critical eye on the commercial world of digital objects and experiences, and critiques these as part of a larger capitalist system that obfuscates pathways of access, connection and resistance. She sets out to re-shape icons and patterns that typically separate us from other people, animals, plants and landscapes in order to open more compassionate technical imaginaries. 


Meredith’s work has been supported by grants and residencies from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, iLand, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the Experimental Television Center, Wave Farm, ISSUE Project Room and other institutions. She has recently exhibited her work in NYC at Anthology Film Archives, Microscope Gallery, the Film-maker’s Coop, Radiator Gallery and Recess Art among other places. She is an assistant professor at Arizona State University and she spends her summers in the Hudson River Valley.

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