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Title: Presence, Part of series Archimem, ongoing  

Size: Variable

Materials: Mixed-Media

Year: 2018

Photo credit: Matthew Vicari 


“Presence” is a site-specific, mixed media installation combining studies in color theory, perception, and memory. 


Visually inspired by cellular growth patterns and the lush landscape of upstate New York, “Presence” is grounded in colors specific to the month of August with emphasis on a variety of greens, purples, and complementary yellows structured into triangular cells.


These triangular cells act as individuals and clusters to spread across several canvases of dead or decaying trees in the landscape. Each decaying host draws attention to the motion of life cycles, particularly ‘life after death’ and life transitions. 


The installation is situated outdoors to interact with the elements: light, wind, water, wildlife. Like memory, the colors and ephemeral materials are expected to fade with time, remaining alive through one’s spatial engagement and documentation of “Presence.”

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