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Not much can faze Taraka Larson – born on Beethoven’s birthday, she grew up in ashrams; lived on black metal communes; worked for utopian architects; written manifestos; delivered lectures from pools of fake blood; conducted group exorcisms disguised as VHS workouts; designed a whole line of byzantine extreme sports wear; and toured the world extensively with her band, Prince Rama. The band has become much of a cult enigma over the years, riding the fine line between rock n roll and performance art and are perhaps the only band who have been able to simultaneously incite mosh pits and stage dive while paradoxically reaching #3 on the Billboard New Age charts. 

Through the lens of music, Larson has created an unconventional visual arts practice and has exhibited internationally at the Whitney Museum of Art, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, and the MoMA PS 1 VW Dome, to name a few. She has also published several manifestos on the “NOW AGE” a pseudo-religion she created to practice post-internet utopianism that puts forth her music’s aesthetic and metaphysical philosophies, earning both hatred and praise from art and music worlds alike. Her latest manifesto “Xtreme Now” is a meditative examination of speed art, extreme sports, and the sublime experience.

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